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Color Dragger Tool

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Nail Color Dragger Tool

Color Dragger Tool is a SO Gel custom art tool used for dragging colors to make your designs, as well as pulling the color into a clean crisp smile for French Designs.

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5 reviews for Color Dragger Tool

  1. Angel Love Customer

    This is an amazing tool.I can achieve clean lines and fine detail with this tool that I have not been able to accomplish with other tools or brushes.This tool is a must have for anyone who does art work.

  2. Beth

    Very useful for doing artwork on nails.

  3. Amy Chasez

    I’m literally obsessed with this technique of using the color dragged! U get a precise smile and cuticle line every time and it evenly distributed the color without having to go back in for a second coat. I don’t know if I’ll ever use a brush again lol.

  4. Judy Berrios (verified owner)

    An essential tool that is always in my lineup of tools I use for my SO Gel services. Great for detail touch up of color, art work, removing fuzzies, dreating smile lines, and soo much more. Love my dragger tool.

  5. Nets Nails&designs (verified owner)

    I use it with every single client I specialize in art work and all my clients have come to expect the best work available and with this tool it makes it possible for me to keep my reputation in tack!
    From checkered flags and NASCAR numbers and car graphics to Disney characters and everything in between I’ve been asked to do it and they have always turned out awesome

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