Free shipping for orders over $250! Professionals Only Products

Free shipping for orders over $250! Professionals Only Products

About Us

SO Gel Nails™ Supply Company is a family owned business in Southern Utah, founded in 2011.  SO Gel Nails Supply CO takes pride in providing safer, healthier, affordable, simplified gel products for Nail Techs and their clients. Our, for professionals only, products are Hema free, hypoallergenic, 9 free, cruelty free, vegan, odorless and always made in the USA. 

Our hard gel system is a 3 in 1 product (base, builder, top coat) with three options for application to suit every nail tech’s needs. Our #1 selling product is our SO SIMPLE Hard Gel in our unique refillable squeeze bottle. Stress free application with less mess. SO Gel has the strength of acrylic with out the harsh odors and chemicals.

Our gel is flexible enough for structured manicures and overlays to help your clients grow out healthy nails safely. SO Gel also offers tools, implements, files, bits, lamps, and art supplies for a one stop nail supply store.

Meet the Owner

Becky Bunnell

I first became associated with SO Gel Nails Supply Company, a hard gel system in Southern Utah, when my family and I relocated to St. George, Utah in 2014. I already had twenty years of nail technician experience, including being the first professor of the Nail Technician program at the College of Eastern Utah in Price, Utah (now known as USU Eastern), and I was looking for ways to make my experience and that of my clients better. I opened a new salon, and began using SO Gel Nails.

I fell in love with the company’s simple approach to products, and the safety and health benefits that the products offered over their competitors. It wasn’t long before I was exclusive to SO Gel products. Soon after, I became an educator with SO Gel Nails, and then moved into the ambassador role, all while still running my salon. As an ambassador for SO Gel Nails I educated and certified other nail techs to properly use SO Gels Nails hard gel system and products. I enjoyed traveling the U.S. teaching a product I was so passionate about.

I created the first online class for SO Gel Nails which helped span the reach of international nail techs and those techs that could not travel to a class. Then I began to add several nail art and business classes to the mix. Teaching has always been a passion of mine which led to offering Nail Tech Apprenticeships, as an alternative to Nail School for a more hands-on learning experience. I wanted to build a community for nail techs with others that were willing to help provide support, encouragement, and mentoring so I created the Tribe #nailtech podcast and clothing brand.

Ten years after I started using these amazing products, the owners came to Us and offered Our Family the opportunity to purchase the company and take the reins. We said yes, and Our Family And Team Of Ambassadors And Educators have been running the company ever since.

I believe everyone starts somewhere, just like I did thirty plus years ago, and that we can grow into our confidence and talents with the right tribe of people supporting us. Wake up every day and slay the day!

Our Team

Becky Bunnell
St George, Utah
DeAnn Damron
Price, Utah
Lisa Wright
Riverton, Wyoming
Aubrey Savas
Taylorsville, Utah
Arianne Thomas
Logan, Utah
Taryn Freeman
Monroe, Utah
Elisha McKenzie
Heber City, Utah
Jessica Wilkinson
Billings, Montana
Katie Schneider
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Denise Miller
Cedar City, Utah
Breanne Gentry
St George, Utah

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