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Free shipping for orders over $250! Professionals Only Products


We present to you the tribe Nailtech Podcast with SO Gel Nails™ CEO Becky Bunnell.

This podcast is a place for nail techs to come and have the tribe of other nail techs, so that we can learn together, grow together, be inspired, motivated and take nail tech’s through to the next level.

About Becky:

Becky has worn many hats over the years including those of nail technician, instructor, college professor, and Mother. Having literally done it all, Becky is very aware of the many health risks and downsides of being a nail technician; which is why she was so happy when she discovered SO Gel Nails. While other products expose both the nail technician and their client to harsh chemicals and potential health issues, SO Gel Nails products do not. One of Becky’s personal slogans is “Keep it simple,” and she found that motto reflected in SO Gel Nails. By having fewer products, with a vast array of colors, SO Gel Nails products are easy to choose and easy to use. After finding SO Gel, Becky switched to using them exclusively with her clients, and seven years later she bought the company.

A firm believer in the positive power that comes from having a network of supportive friends, associates, and family, Becky lovingly calls her people “her tribe,” and openly acknowledges the important part their support has played in her success.
Knowing that there are others out there who don’t have a tribe of their own, Becky created the Tribe #nailtech podcast to create a community for nail techs with others that were willing to help provide support, encouragement, and mentoring, so that everyone has a better chance to “Wake up and slay the day!”

Now as the CEO of SO Gel Nails Supply Company, Becky is enthusiastically helping others promote, instruct, and inspire alongside her as the company continues to grow and spread across America.


Tribe to her means family. And what is a family? A family should be a support system. It should be a group of like minded people that have the same interest in likes and goals. And so she hopes that you find your tribe with her and she hopes you will be a part of her tribe and that together you can grow and you’ll feel comfortable here. 


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