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Free shipping for orders over $250! Professionals Only Products




The SO SIMPLE™ PRO Kit has full size product for success. This is a professional gel line that is non-yellowing, with low heat-spike and is a self-leveling hard gel that creates a healthy, hypoallergenic, long lasting nail. Get the strength of acrylic with added flexibility with out the offensive odor. This product does have a dispersion layer (tacky) after curing, and can be cured in 36 watt UV (2 minutes) or LED lights (low heat mode 90 seconds or flash cure 60 seconds). **9 free, Hema free, made in the USA! SO SIMPLE is a true hard gel that does not soak off with acetone. Files off with ease. Apply color with our Potted Pre-Mixed gels, custom mixed Pigments, or any brand of gel polish you choose. Top coat with SO Simple 3 in 1 gel in the squeeze bottle on 60-120 sec. final cure, wipe with our Cleanse for a high shine.

For further questions please contact your local SO Gel Educator or call our office at 866-681-3737


SO SIMPLE PRO KIT (Professionals only)

  • SO SIMPLEHEMA FREE Gel (35ml) -3 in 1, base, builder, top coat
  • Medium Clear Potted Gel (full size 15ml)
  • SO Simple Cover Pink Potted Gel (full size 15ml)
  • “Cat Tongue” Gel Brush
  • 2 Gel Nail Files 100/180 & 80/80
  • Nail Cleanse (full size 8oz) -use to dehydrate and sanitize in prep & clean tacky layer
  • Pigments #116, random color & glitter (3 total)
  • Mixing Spatulas (3 ct.) -use to mix clear gel with pigments for custom made color
  • Cuticle Oil (full size random scent of 16 scents available)
  • Custom Forms (10 ct.)
  • SO SECURE PRIMER (full size)- apply after Cleanse is completely dry CURE 30-60 SEC
  • Cotton Applicators (10 ct.) -use with our Cleanse to dehydrate and sanitize nail before primer SO SECURE PRIMER
  • Hold It (Gel bottle holder)
  • Color Keeper (store extra gel customized with Pigment)
  • Nail wipes (100 count)

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Weight 1.97 lbs

2 reviews for SO SIMPLE PRO KIT

  1. Linda Atchley

    Its way easier to use than i was expecting. Was use to more products to get end results.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love this product
    I love how easy it is to use.
    I mostly love how fast shipping is. I love everything about this product.

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