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SO SECURE Curable Bonding Agent.

Prep natural nail, apply Cleanse, let thoroughly dry, apply one coat of SO Secure, cure 30-60 sec in a UV/LED Lamp for an Ultra-Sticky residue, apply gel.

SO SECURE can be applied to the natural nail, existing product, or a tip for superior adhesion.

SO Secure is our most durable bonding agent for an extreme hold and problem lifters.



Made in the USA

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3 reviews for SO SECURE Primer

  1. Stacey L Brown* (I) (verified owner)

    Loving this new primer. Great aggression and long wear

  2. Celeste Tonra

    I have used the SO Secure a few times on a few different clients and its SO Fantastic ! Not a lift insight! Nails that last 5 weeks could probably go longer as I did the gel fill recently! So excited to have an amazing new product from SoGel Nails! I’ll definitely be back for more !!!

  3. Erika Nelson

    I used this on a client and she is very happy about her nails. They have lasted her over 4 weeks since her nails grow very slow. Great product!

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