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Nail Cleanse

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Nail Cleanse is a no-water dehydrator and anti-microbial sanitizer used to prep the natural nail before applying our Primer Plus or SO Secure Primers.

Nail Cleanse is also used to clean off the dispersion layer off of the cured nail enhancement for a high shine.

It contains a custom blend of anhydrous petroleum distillates, and it contains no acids, methacrylate monomers, acrylate monomers, or methyl ethyl ketenes.

It functions as a sanitizer, nail dehydrator, and cleaner.


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Nail Cleanse

3 reviews for Nail Cleanse

  1. Beth

    Love So Gel Nails nail cleanse, never a disappointment.

  2. Jen C (verified owner)

    Best nail prep product around. I use it to prep the nail bed before I start any service from regular polish to So Simple hard gels.

  3. Morgan (verified owner)

    The best all in one!

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