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SO SIMPLE HEMA FREE Hard Gel Medium Clear

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Our SO SIMPLE™ UV/LED Gel is our hypoallergenic, non-yellowing, self-leveling gel that comes in a Pot with a slightly thicker viscosity then our squeeze bottle.

15ml or 30ml size.

This gel can be cured in UV or LED lights up to 36 watts. If you have questions on how to use the product please contact your educator or call us at 866-681-3737. 

All SO SIMPLE and SO Gel products are for professionals only.


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SO SIMPLE GEL (Pot Containers)


9 reviews for SO SIMPLE HEMA FREE Hard Gel Medium Clear

  1. Melissa Rogers (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this gel. My clients love that there is no heat spike, and this makes me a hero in their eyes .. BONUS!!! As a nail tech of 22 years.. I’m impressed!!!

  2. Linda Atchley (verified owner)

    I have found with my problem ladies, medium solves alot of my headaches. And only have to use one layer.

  3. Amy Sanders (verified owner)

    This is the best product! I love the way it sets and the thickness is

  4. karyn overlin* (verified owner)

    An awesome product which produces strength and longevity to all my clients. I don’t charge for nail fixes as they are so rare and few and far between. Love the no heat spike as do all of my clients. So allergic to acrylic!! Most techs I have talked to did not realize gel product they were purchasing still contained acrylic. So happy with this product because without it I would not currently be doing nails!!! 12 years of using your product and still going strong!
    Thanks to all of you !!!
    Karen Overlin NT

  5. Karen Overlin (verified owner)

    I don’t charge for nail fixes as it is a rare day that I have to do them. Light weight, durable and a hands down favorite with all my clients. Big bonus had I not found this product i would no longer be doing nails. It’s only a matter of time until you will not be able to do acrylic nails. Switch before you become acrylic intolerant. With that comes a host of chemicals in every day use that you will not be able to tolerate ever again.

  6. Tonya Stroup* (verified owner)

    This is a great product! Durable and easy to apply.

  7. Hunter Stevenson(14)+ (verified owner)

    I use this with young nails’ primer everyday for my clients and rarely have any issues!

  8. Denise Miller

    This gel makes my job so much easier and my service faster because it is that easy to use !

  9. Melanie Zarth

    So far, so good. I have a client that I have used a few different hard gels over the last 7 years. She has recently developed an allergy to them and we tried this system last week. She was happy to tell me she had no reactions.

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