We have all the products you will need to make it easier and have the best out come for your clients when it comes to using our SOGEL products!

Frequently Bought Together/Kits

We made it easy for you! We have put together kits to get you started and many different products that work best together!


For best results when using our products it all starts with the primer! We have made the perfect primer that will help with perfecting the nail!

Tools/ Essentials

All the tools and essentials you will need to have the best results when using our products such as primers, gels, colors, and more!


We have many different premixed gels and colors or ready to mix gels and colors for you to create anything your client brings to you!

Popular Products

We have many different products that you will love! Here are some of our most popular products that our nail techs have grown to love and use for every client they can!

SO SIMPLE 3 in 1 Hard Gel
Our #1 selling product, SO SIMPLE 3 in 1 hard gel is your base, builder and top coat. It can be mixed with our pigments to customize your own colors or can be paired with our potted color gels or any gel polish of your choice. Our gels are hypoallergenic, 9 free, Hema free, affordable, and made in the USA! Want to try SO GEL? We have two kit options and many upcoming classes.
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Our cleanse is the perfect and easiest to use when it comes to prepping for the nail to enhance the service! The shine that you will get from our cleanser will make you never want to use another one! Make sure to give it a try when you use our products for the best outcome!!
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Our so simple refill is such a great product to have when you don't want to have to buy the whole new bottle! You can buy the So Simple Refill and use it to just top off your product whenever you need rather then getting a whole new bottle that you have broke in and don't want to get use to a new bottle!
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Hold it
While this product may not seem like much, this hold it is amazing!!! It keeps your squeeze tube in the perfect position with out any leaks. It also keeps out those air bubbles so you don't have to worry about them! It also makes it easier for you to get every last drop out before its time to refill it or buy a whole new one!
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So many amazing things can be created with them.
** custom mix your clients favorite colors
** dry use to create fun designs.
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Cuticle Oil
Cuticle oil should be used daily on our clients to help maintain the amazing work techs do on them and to achieve longevity of the enhancement. We carry so many great scents and they even come in a larger size now too!! Try them today
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