Free shipping for orders over $250! Professionals Only Products

Free shipping for orders over $250! Professionals Only Products

Professional Only, Hema Free, Hard Gel System, Made In The USA

Hard gel nails products

Welcome to
SO Gel Supply Company!

Bringing you professional only, products that are:

Kits &

We made it easy for you! We have put together kits to get you started and different hard gel nails products that work best together along with popular natural gel nails products that we sell!

Cleanse &

For best results when using our products it all starts with a good foundation. Applying our cleanse for maximum dehydration and sanitation of the natural nail, and following with one of our primers for superior adhesion makes for the best stick for hard gel nails.

Tools & Essentials

We have professional tools to help you work smarter not harder. Our unique "Hold It", custom forms, LED lamp, files, bits, and implements are a must for every nail tech who works with hard gel nails.

Pigments & Glitters

We have over 180 pigments and glitters. They can be used dry for nail art or be custom mixed with our crystal clear So Simple Gel to create your own custom color blend.

About Us

SO Gel Nails provides high-quality hard gel nails products and nail tech essentials to professional technicians around the globe. With a rise in allergies in our industry we pride ourselves in providing Hema free, hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty free, odorless, made in the USA products, for our customers and yours since 2011. SO Gel Nails is all about helping you create the most beautiful natural gel nails possible with the most modern products available on the market today, with our highest importance being safety. We are constantly adding products to our collection designed to make your work faster, more profitable, and absolutely beautiful.

Recently Added Natural Gel Nails Products

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Meet CEO: Becky Bunnell

I started out 31 years ago as a Nail Tech before Utah required licensing, so you could say I was self-taught. I took my first class when my firstborn was 6 weeks old in 1993. Ten years later, Utah passed licensing, so I knew there would be a need for Nail Instructors. I believe everyone starts somewhere, we can grow into our confidence and talents with the right tribe of people supporting us. 

After 7 years of hard work promoting the SO Gel Nails products I used exclusively on every client, I was approached to purchase the company, and I couldn’t say no! Figuring out how to run 3 businesses at the same time has been a challenge, to say the least. Shipping orders out daily, email campaigns, production, ordering, labeling, and building a strong team while running the nail school, working on clients, and still raising children is a juggling act.

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We are a hard gel nails product created for Professionals who like natural gel nails. Our job is to make your job easier.

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Interested in getting certified?
Find a class near you.

 We have multiple educators in these states that are ready to teach you our amazing, easy Hard Gel System. We are looking forward to growing our brand by attending Nail Shows and Expos across the U.S. We are bringing on new, innovated, hard gel nails products and support to help the everyday nail tech succeed in their careers.

Popular Products

We have many different hard gel nails products that you will love! Here are some of our most popular natural gel nails products that our nail techs have grown to love and use on their clients!

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We present to you the tribe Nailtech  Podcast with SO Gel Nails CEO Becky Bunnell.

This podcast is a place for nail techs to come and have the tribe of other nail techs so that we can learn together, grow together, be inspired, motivated and take nail tech’s through to the next level. Tribe to her means family. And what is a family? A family should be a support system. It should be a group of like minded people that have the same interest in likes and goals. And so she hopes that you find your tribe with her and she hopes you will be a part of her tribe and that together you can grow and you’ll feel comfortable here.


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I love talking to my clients on their next appointment, every single one was so surprised at how strong it was! I just smiled and said "YEP!" Thanks again for showing me such an amazing product! It honestly is career changing!
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I took a SO Gel class today, best class ever! Very informative! i love EVERYTHING about this system!!! SO Gel is the easiest gel i have ever worked with!
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So I just used So Gel for the first time, and WOW!! Squeeze bottle, yes please! I'm a new Nail Tech and haven't had much training on hard gel. The ease of SO Gel has me so excited to master this system! Thank you !
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I was finally able to take a SO Gel class. I loved it!I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. The product is amazing to work with! Thank you!
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SO Gel self levels amazingly, it does the work for you. I'm hard on my nails with all my projects and this product is the only one that can handle my lifestyle without lifting!
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I sculpted a nail last night with your SO Simple hard gel. I've never worked with a hard gel in a squeeze bottle and i was really impressed with the easy application, and filing of the product. I will definitely be ordering more of this product!
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I got a demo of SO Gel at a nail show, it was a gamechanger! Switched my clients to SO Gel and now I'm booked and blessed! Thank you SO Gel!
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After finally trying the product out for myself I was hooked. I immediately switched all my clients to SO Gel and have never looked back. For me, the ease of application along with the self leveling feature made sense. It has allowed me to make money in less time! This has given me additional precious time to spend with my family. Thanks SO Gel! I am a SO Gel Nail Tech for life!
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The SO GEL product is the best, the quality is in the results, and the application keeps everything clean.